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R.I.P. Jonathan James

by Customer Care on 09/15/11


Such a tragic story, however it needs to be told for any parent that thinks it's OK to punish their child by depriving them of water as a bedwetting solution.UPI.com/news_story (note: require Adobe Flash to view)

Things to keep in mind for any bedwetting child

* Don't blame your child.  Bedwetting has nothing to do with a child being lazy or stubborn--after all, no one really wants to sleep in a wet bed.

* Don't shame your child.  Belittling your child when he has an accident, telling him he's not trying hard enough, may not only damage his self-esteem, it can make his effort to stay dryer even harder.

* Don't blame yourself.  You're not the reason your child wets the bed.  Bedwetting often runs in families.  Chances are good an aunt, uncle or grandparent also wet the bed.

* Don't punish your child for wetting the bed.  Changing sheets every night can be frustrating, but punishing your child won't help him stay dry.  Instead, give him praise and rewards for following his bedwetting treatment.

* Don't lose patience.  Getting to reliably dry nights can be a long, whole-family process.  Stay patient and positive.

* Don't make it hard on everyone.  Find a solution, like diapers, that work for the child and for the family.


Comments (5)

1. Seamon said on 9/15/11 - 02:54PM
Punishing a child for bedwetting is probably the wrongest thing to do while raising a child... It can screw is mind forever, trust me. I've been punished and humiliated for bedwetting when I was young, and now, more than 25 years laters, I'm still living with the psychological scars of all this. Trust me, I'll never make the same mistake with my kids...
2. Neal said on 9/15/11 - 04:45PM
I posted a similar story about Jonathan James on my Facebook page a few days ago. I wanted to get the word out how horrible these "parents" are. I've also read how parents would withhold liquids a few hours before bedtime. That can be dangerous too.
3. Rob said on 9/17/11 - 04:27AM
What a truly horrible story. With all the ways available today to take care of bedwetting, I don't understand why someone would let their child sleep in a wet bed and punish them for it.They should let the parents sleep in a wet bed and not drink for five days while stading in front of a window with the sun shinning hard and maybe they would start feeling what it is all about. But in this case I personally think that they are too far gone to mentally to be helped. I am so enraged about this. I feel bad for the other brother that had to witness this. I hope that they will get him some help to try to cope with this and that he won"t stay scared for life. Keep putting yourself out there Star Diapers, I am sure you could help some kid out.
4. William said on 9/18/11 - 05:20PM
Thank You for posting this very sad blog.I'm kinda surprised that Goodnites didn't mention anything about Johnathan. I also hope that his brother is doing well as he possibly can.
5. Alexander C. said on 12/27/13 - 01:43AM
I don't care what your reasoning is. This is a cruel form of punishment that is very unusual. When I do become a father I will NEVER EVER do such a thing.

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