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If your child suffers from day-time wetting accidents, "Star" disposable diapers can give a sense of security that ordinary pull-ups just can't provide as well as some style!  Optional Star Plastic Pants are now available to provide an extra level of security, comfort and protection.

Our 12 year old model Spencer is a professional model that has worked with Tiger Underwear for the last 4 years.  He wants other kids to understand that day or night time wetting is almost always a condition that you'll eventually outgrows.  In the meantime just accept it, stay positive and understand that you can be comfortable and protected wearing Star Diapers and Star Plastic Pants!

Please note that Spencer is a trained and talented young model. Quality Diapers uses a professional photographer and modeling agency.  Spencer's parents attended this shoot and allowed the use of these photos to be shown.  We hope that Spencer's attitude of living life to its fullest no matter what life throws at you helps your child feel more secure, stronger and confident when wearing "Star" diapers.
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