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February's 2012 Hard Copy Catalog
3 Month Membership...........$59.99
10% Discount Code and
February's 2012 PDF Catalog
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Quality Disposable Briefs for
Bigger Kids and Teens
QualityDiapers.Net offers two convenient ways to purchase our 3 month discount code, allowing you to Save 10% on every purchase. You can select to receive the free down-loadable PDF Catalog or upgrade to the coil-bound "Hard Copy" version for $40.00 more. Both catalogs contain sizing and ordering information, The Bed Wetter's Newsletter as well as Tristan professionally modeling our exclusive Star Diapers.
February 2012 Catalog
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After you order your "QD.Net" Membership, you will within 24 hours receive your promo code for 10% savings for the next 3 months.  Promo code must match the same email address that you purchased your "QD.Net" Membership to receive the savings or sale will be voided.  You may take advantage of the savings as many times as you wish for the duration of the 3 month membership on any QD.Net products.  Catalog cannot be purchased separately.
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