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We have had a lot of request for a tutorial catalog showing Spencer putting on his Race-Car Diapers and his Star plastic pants. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and having a guide for boys and teens that use our products should make things easier for them and less embarrassing because they don’t have to come and say: “Can you show me how to put these things on, again?”

In the Catalog, Spencer shows how to put on Race Car Diapers while dressed in Tiger Boys Trainers for obvious reasons. We gave a written explanation of the steps in our November 2012 Bed Wetter's Newsletter but seeing more pictures makes understanding what you need to do a lot clearer.

The Star Plastic Pants add an extra layer of protection and, as Spencer demonstrates in the Catalog, they are easy to put on and easy insurance for the very rare occasion when a Race car might leak. The Catalog also demonstrates how the Race Car Diapers and Star Plastic Pants easily fit under normal clothes.

The Spencer's Pictorial Catalog is being offered for free to new or current customers who are considering renewing their three month "10% Discount Code".