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Quality Disposable Briefs for
Bigger Kids and Teens
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Spencer and Logan Fall 2010
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Please keep in mind that the Tiger Underwear Membership (Buy 4 and Get 1 Free) is for an "All White" Tiger Brief (single or double seat featuring either the Blue or Red Dashes on the waistband.

This is a great offer for bedwetters that need only diapers at bedtime and can wear traditional fly-front briefs during the daytime.
A very special offer to all QualityDiapers.Net customers!  When you visit Tiger Undwear by clicking on the link below, you can purchase the Fall 2010 Tiger Underwear Membership and receive dual savings!  You will of course get a free Tiger Brief with every purchase of four (see Tiger Underwear site for exact details), you will also get your 3 month discount code here to save 10% Off all merchandise.

Make sure you comment "Double Savings" when checking out with your order.  You will also receive the Tiger Underwear Fall 2010 PDF Catalog as a free gift!