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Wow....That's a Record!

by Customer Care on 02/29/12

So many of you commented on my last post, I ran out of room!  If you wish, let us continue on by letting me know your thoughts on a possible All White diaper.  Above is Spencer wearing a classic, white (6 tapes) plastic disposable with front and back waistbands. 

Comments (24)

1. Kenny said on 2/29/12 - 02:42PM
I really like the current STARS. White ones would be OK IF they were the same quality, fit and absorbed as much as the STARS do. I used to have an occasional wet bed with some of the better White Overnight Diapers for older Youth until we switched to Stars. If you come out with a White one, please make it as good as the STARS are.
2. Gavin said on 2/29/12 - 02:43PM
I think it would be a great idea if you had them you might bring in allot of more customers
3. Tryfordry said on 2/29/12 - 02:48PM
I think it was mentioned before that star diapers are designed for Tweens, Teens, and young adults and that is your nitch. Which is great because there is no in-between sizes from youth to adult. Plain white diapers are boring I would focus on designing a goodnites type product that are actually absorbent and actually fit teens. I think you are reinventing the wheel with an all white diaper
4. Jonathan said on 2/29/12 - 02:53PM
I can see Ben's point, that 8 year olds might like "big kid" prints, older kids might prefer a simple white diaper. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the economics of the diaper manufacturing. Would plain white diapers be less costly than the print diapers? I assume so. As for my son, what matters most is the comfort, quality and absorbency of Star diapers and the color/print is secondary.
5. Nick said on 2/29/12 - 03:10PM
I like star diapers better but, I think having both white and star diapers would be good. Try having a video of Scotty and ruddy wear star diapers and white diapers.
6. xavier said on 2/29/12 - 04:25PM
let's ask ruddy, scotty, spencer. What type of diapers are the best for them?
7. Max said on 2/29/12 - 07:41PM
I agree with kenny and others who say that its the qaulity, fit and abosrbancy and not just the colours or grafics of "star" diapers that are what really matter but a plain all white diaper would have to equal the already high standard of "star" diapers, I have never worn a diaper with six tabs before so cant say what the comfort/restriction would be like but I have worn both one and two tab diapers of different kinds and for me the "stars" fit/feel the best the are thick but dont bunch up even under thicker heaveier pants such as jeans, they also do not bulk out big under looser pants such as sweats, all in all "stars" have so many great factors that it would be a sad day if they were to be dropped in favour of a diaper that turned out to either have too many bad points or worse still was just like any other plain all white diaper already available else were. For kids like me "stars" are kindof a cool stylie thing ontop of the protection they provide I think they are a make that really neat thing that makes it easier and even somewhat cool(is that weird) for kids who need the protection of diapers, to wear them but the plain white look like (adult = old people)diapers, not cool stylie young people's protective briefs.
8. Joseph said on 2/29/12 - 08:52PM
Those are the vintage attends? Looks like it, I wore them all the time ,and Walmart sokd them ,before online ordering got more popular. Too bad they quit selling them and, paperpac changed everything.. If I can get them again ,I would. Great pictures. my girl friends littleboy wets the bed.can still fit in pampers. He still likes them too.
9. Max said on 2/29/12 - 09:37PM
By the way I am 13
10. GR said on 3/1/12 - 02:06AM
Glad "star" diapers blog hit another "mile stone" For me the things that stand out with "star" diapers are not only the design(color and star graphics),but also the "quality" of the diaper/absorb. level. I have used other white old persons(so to speek), diapers and was not at all as happy with them, as I am with the "star" brand. Please don't change the design. As other blogers have posted, this is the "STAR" diapers "ninch" along with it's size range(-the Medium size). Keep hitting those mile stones, grate job "STAR TEAM".
11. Daniel said on 3/1/12 - 03:43AM
If I'm understanding this correctly, and David please correct me if I'm wrong, is that Stars is wanting to know if people would buy a version of Stars that was all white instead of the blue/white that is currently used. It doesn't sould like they plan on changing anything but the color scheme. I've talked to my son and he said that it would be great to have two options since there are times he needs diapers during the day if he's going to away from a restroom for a long period of time. Like others have said already there are times that a plain white color would be better especially for those that are in high school and have to change out for gym. And David, again thanks for all the hard work that you and your crew do to keep a great product available.
12. Linda S said on 3/1/12 - 06:49AM
Not to change the subject but thanks for the funny March Newsletter! Matt will enjoy it when he gets home!
13. James said on 3/1/12 - 11:31AM
...As for what I said about a single tape per side, I still think it would be good to have this as an option at some stage. While I do understand what some people were saying about how they fit, In my personal experience, if the tapes are large enough and placed correctly the fit can even be better, plus they tend to hold more securely as there isn't the same stress of the tapes pulling against each other. While the two tape system does work well for bedwetting, I feel one tape per side would work better for those who wet during the day when they're moving around a lot more. Anyway, this is probably a discussion for further down the line but I do think it's worth considering at some stage, maybe offering an option of one or two tapes in the same way that Tiger offers an option of two or four panel briefs. Just a thought
14. Daniel said on 3/1/12 - 01:04PM
As with Linda S.,I apologize about the subject change, but I to fell I have to compliment the person who does the newsletter. I found March's letter to be very funny and informitive. I know that there are a lot of people here that would agree with need for instructions when putting on a diaper solo for the first time. Again thanks for the time and effort that the writer takes each month to keep the newsletters both informative and entertaining.
15. Ben said on 3/1/12 - 01:18PM
My last post explained why I would prefer the white Star Diaper, but I think the picture in this post also explains a point. The white diaper from behind looks a lot more like a white brief than the blue regular star diaper. This just furthers my point. I am not saying people would not know that it is a diaper, but my high school locker room is filled with people, and a little additional "camo" would not hurt (i.e. the eye would be less drawn to the plain white diaper, so the many quick glances might not even be able to tell).
16. jake said on 3/1/12 - 01:26PM
i use stars for sleep overs i dont think id like all white i dont want it to look like im wearing a diaper to bed
17. Max said on 3/1/12 - 03:01PM
I have had a thought, how much would it cost us if there were a couple of diapers with different colors on them in the packs so you could have a different colour every day kinda like how non wetters do with different undies every day?
18. James said on 3/1/12 - 04:27PM
I second Max's thought. A bit of variety like you would have with regular underwear could do a lot to take the stigma out of wearing diapers. If a regular underwear company can sell several styles of underwear, then why can't it be the same with diapers? I also agree with Ben's point that there are certain situations where a plain white diaper would be preferable, especially if you're an older teen. I have to say also the use of the word "camo" set off a lightbulb in my head. Although he meant it in a different context, a diaper with a camoflage print could be a pretty cool design for the future. It's quite popular with a lot of underwear manufacturers and even the new goodnites have a camo print on one of their designs. A Star Diaper with an all over camo print would sell quite well in my opinion
19. babyviper said on 3/2/12 - 02:23PM
i really love the star diapers and i wish i could be one of the boys that shows off his diapers for you. spencer and tristan are like my heros sense my parents got me star diapers, they are comfy and fit under my clothes just great when i go to school noone has noticed yet
20. Johnny said on 3/2/12 - 09:10PM
Referring to my previous post, those are the EXACT diapers I was referring to. Please replicate them!! They are super comfy, the front & back waistband make for a wonderfully snug fit and experience, and the plastic is unlike any other...glassy smoothe. Good Luck & I hope to see them soon. Wonderful site & product, have purchased 3 packages total and will continue.
21. William said on 3/5/12 - 09:53AM
Is there a way to make a white diaper without making it look like an old person diaper? That's what Stars Diapers does in a sense. I like what Xavier said.
22. Neal said on 3/5/12 - 10:00AM
I agree on what Linda S. mentioned. The pics and video of Rudy and Spencer diapering Teddy was pretty awesome.
23. Lin said on 3/5/12 - 01:07PM
Maybe give us a side by side comparison. In the next photo shoot have one model wear stars, one wear the diapers shown above, one wear goodnites, and one wear underjams.
24. Pj said on 8/27/12 - 08:32AM
Prints are as good as solid white. I like them all

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