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Welcome Tiger Underwear

by Customer Care on 04/03/12


Not all big kids and teens that use diapers for either day or night time need 24 hour protection.  Some of these boys would prefer wearing training pants as they offer more absorbency than regular boxer shorts.  Tiger Underwear makes a superior trainer for bigger boys and teens that look like regular white briefs.  In the photo above, Logan (shown on the left) is modeling a boy's (14-16) Tiger Training Pant (extra thick four panel front and back) which is sported with Tiger's signature red -dash waistband.  Sizes are available for big kids and teens as well as adult for $34.99.   Plastic pants or "Step-Ins" are optional waterproof cover-ups that can be purchased sperately  and are available in Milky White, Blue and Red.

Comments (11)

1. Collin said on 4/3/12 - 08:44PM
Is star diapers going to start selling training underwear?
2. Mike Abe said on 4/4/12 - 05:34AM
Welcome aboard Tiger Underwear, I wish you the best of luck :D
3. Daniel said on 4/4/12 - 06:41AM
Welcome aboard Tigers. I was wondering when you would get together. My son thinks that both the Tigers and the Stars are great products.
4. xavier said on 4/4/12 - 12:20PM
I had never try Tiger under ware but that could be a great product for me when i am on road trip in car. I great to see to brothers wearing diaper. I have one brother at him but don't need diaper and i am stilling afraid of what he's thinking about me when i wear diaper.
5. Mike said on 4/4/12 - 01:20PM
Love to see Tiger and Star coming closer together. I wear Tiger trainers during the day for light incontinence, and their step-ins are very durable and comfortable. having Stars for night-time rounds out a great management system for me.
6. Linda S said on 4/5/12 - 07:46AM
We like how you show Logan in Trainers and Spencer in white diapers. It is a nice example of different solutions for different kids. Is Quality Diapers coming out with a white diaper of the same quality as the Stars one?
7. GR said on 4/6/12 - 04:01PM
Just wanted to send out a Happy Easter to everyone at Star/Tiger. To Spencer and the other models...don't eat too many Easter Goodies.
8. Mark said on 4/7/12 - 04:24AM
I have a weak bladder and during the day also wear Tiger Trainers most of the time with a male guard inside for added protection. I experience sudden urges and cannot hold it long. At night I wear Star Diapers at times. Other nights I wear Abena thick plus diapers. I like Stars better but with postage issues they cost more than Abenas do. But I keep both in my underwear drawer and closet. Both feel good
9. anonymous said on 4/8/12 - 12:36PM
I didn't even notice that the other boy was wearing a diaper, thats pretty impressive that they looked exactly the same.
10. Lynn said on 4/23/12 - 04:41AM
I have used the red stripe pants for some time now and just ordered a gold pair and some star diapers. pants are very soft and nice.
11. lynn said on 4/25/12 - 05:47PM
I got my pants today amd gould hardly wait to open the pakage to get them on. they are still soft and comphy can hardly wait to get the diapers.

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