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Tristan at the Park

by Customer Care on 05/08/12

Tristan's popularity on past blog post lately has spawned this new photo of him.  Tristan is a 10 old boy with plenty of modeling experience with with Tiger Underwear and was chosen this year to cover the Star Diaper 2012 Catalog.   The picture above is a recent photo of him modeling Star Diapers at the park.

Thanks for everyones interest in the blog lately as well as your kind comments.

Comments (14)

1. Jeremy said on 5/8/12 - 03:12PM
Tristan, you are a handsome gentleman!
2. Jonathan said on 5/8/12 - 03:24PM
Great setting, super pose, outstanding model. You can't go wrong with any of your models, they all do a great job no matter what you ask of them, but I hereby cast my vote for Tristan to introduce your new race car Star diapers.
3. PJ said on 5/8/12 - 11:46PM
I love star diapers there so great
4. Jeremy said on 5/9/12 - 03:46AM
I agree.
5. xavier said on 5/9/12 - 03:48AM
No no tristan is nice model, but i think Logan should introduce new star diapers.... he deserve it... thank you to tristan, i think of i was not so far, we could be good friend.
6. Daniel said on 5/9/12 - 11:15AM
I agree that Tristan did a great job with this photo. But I feel that all the models bring something special to all their shots. Depending on what sizes the new Race Car diapers will be in I agree that Logan should be given the chance to introduce them.
7. Neal said on 5/9/12 - 11:35AM
I agree Xavier! However Rudy or Spencer would be another good choice.
8. James said on 5/9/12 - 12:30PM
Why not have ALL the Models sitting @ a picnic table or on a blanket on the ground eating as if having a cookout. That way there they all get a "piece of the pie." Just a thought. Great job to you all†
9. Jonathan said on 5/9/12 - 04:57PM
James, you beat me to it. As I said earlier, any of the models would be great ambassadors for the new Star Diaper, so why not have them all display them. I was thinking of a go kart track, but they make you wear a helmet and that's out of the question. Then I remembered Tiger used to shoot at a beach in Florida. Putting out a Star catalog each month, plus a new Tiger catalog, maybe the models, and the crew could use a "working vacation." Four hours of building sand castles, playing volleyball, etc. in their diapers and the afternoon free to swim, skidoo, or just relax and get a tan.
10. Jeremy said on 5/10/12 - 03:35AM
I think a better setting for the photo shoot would be at a real race track. The boys could have pictures with some cool cars wearing their diapers. I think Tristan would be the perfect canadiate for that!
11. Daniel said on 5/10/12 - 10:50AM
I think the go-karts would be a great idea. If plans were made in advance, a shoot could be set up either before or after the track is open. That way you could set the carts up without the motors going so the helmets wouldn't be needed and if it's an indoor track then the lighing can be controled better.
12. Mike Abe said on 5/10/12 - 11:54AM
Thats a great idea, Maybe they can wear the diapers and wear a firesuit over them sitting in a go-cart, Since its about racing, But great idea, or something on the same scale, But you guys are doing such a great job :D
13. dickson said on 5/29/12 - 06:28AM
14. RDrees15 said on 8/4/12 - 02:52PM
I can't choose who is the best model is for star diapers and Race car diapers because they are all very good but if i had to choose it would be a tie between Logan because he is my age and that is great to see a kid that is my age where star diapers like me. then Tristan because he is a really good model you should use him to model with the new race car diapers.

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