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Star's Superstar....Scotty!

by Customer Care on 09/08/12

Looks like Scotty hit that one at out of the ball park!  Just like Star Diaper did last year when it launched it first diaper design for big kids as well as young adults sizes.  Now we are deciding if we should offer the the RCD in the young men's size as well.  We would appreciate everyones input on this question.

A new version of the Star Diaper, (Star 2.0) will be available  in 2013.  So when the current supply of Star Diapers is gone, they will be gone forever! 

In the meantime, let us know if you want a larger version of the RCD.


Comments (31)

1. Henry said on 9/8/12 - 04:58PM
Happy to see Scotty in a Red Socks Hat - another team that is full of stars (LOL). And yes, you should have young adult versions of all your diapers. Kids grow you know.
2. Jeremy said on 9/8/12 - 06:51PM
Yes!!!! Make the Star 2.0 in the young men's size. You're looking good Scotty! Keep up the great work, or play!
3. Jeremy said on 9/8/12 - 06:57PM
I meant I would like the larger (young adult) size for the RCD.
4. Brian said on 9/8/12 - 07:01PM
Hell ya... lets get them in bigger sizes, for us big kids/adults!!!
5. joshua montoya said on 9/8/12 - 08:30PM
yes you should make rcd in young adult
6. Harry said on 9/8/12 - 10:20PM
Yes young adults deserve the same quality and protection as the younger crowd its a great source of protection
7. Daniel said on 9/9/12 - 03:06AM
I agree that the RCDs should have a young men's size. I can't wait to see what the Stars 2.0 looks like hopefully they will come in all three sizes of boys, boys X-large, and Young mens.
8. Dann said on 9/9/12 - 04:30AM
Woo, Star Diapers Rule! Im almost 15 so Young adult would be awesome for star diapers 2.0 ;) Keep up the great support
9. tony said on 9/9/12 - 06:08AM
yes, i think you should have the rcd in adult size as well, keep up the good work, i think all ur diapers should come in adult and youth sizes some kids dont fit in youth sizes thanks, all the models are doing a great job keep up the good work thanks
10. alex barnard said on 9/9/12 - 06:36AM
i think it would be a great idea to have them in young men size. keep up the good work.
11. Harry said on 9/9/12 - 10:46AM
Young adult/young men deserve the same level of comfort and absorbency as the younger crowd. Yes make the RCD in young mens sizes and well as the Star 2.0
12. GR said on 9/9/12 - 01:45PM
Yes Please, offer all current and next gen. desigens in the young adult size like the 2 tone star ones, but nothing red. (Green, a golden Yellow, but no red shades...unless really dark like a burg). nice to see the Basebal theam in the pics. It is after all, the grate american past time.
13. Mark said on 9/9/12 - 02:32PM
Wow. Scotty looms like he has a mean swing. And yes. Do the young adult sizes.
14. William said on 9/9/12 - 03:59PM
I think as a general rule, to make every design in every size.
15. Jonathan said on 9/9/12 - 08:55PM
The Outlook wasn't brilliant as Scotty went to bed last night. The very thought of sleeping always put him in a fright. Scotty knew the fate awaiting him as on the pillow he laid his head. In a few short hours he'd be wakened by the wetness in his bed. He didn't want to do it, he prayed each night that he'd be dry. But there was nothing he could do about it no matter how he'd try. No drinks past nine, that was the rule, and then it became six. But wetness overtook him, despite his parent's tricks. When Scotty was a little kid, he's sleep in a Goodnite. But they were clearly meant for those whose wetting was quite light. Approaching middle school, Scotty wondered what he'd do. But then he found a friend in Spencer who was a bedwetter too. Spencer wet both day and night, and never had a leak. Then lifted up his polo shirt to give his friend a peek. They keep me dry, Spencer declared, and also worry free. This is called a Star Diaper but there's another and it the RCD. To deal with accidents at school, in his backpack Spencer kept a spare. But knowing of his new friend's need, he didn't hesitate to share. The last bell rang, Scotty raced for home, he couldn't wait to try it on. For at long last, Scotty realized his fear of sleeping would be gone. It fit so well, the tapes held strong and the padding was just right. As he slipped under the covers, Scotty thought, I'm going to sleep right through the night. As he came down for breakfast Scotty had a great big smile upon his face. His loving mom was quite impressed and ordered him a case. Now Scotty's house rings with laughter, his folks are full of joy. To see the change Star Diapers have made in their little boy. Sleep overs with Spencer are now a common sight. And thanks to their Star Diapers, both boy's beds are dry at night. They are now best friends for life and play on the baseball squad. When he thinks of his meeting Spencer, Scotty says a prayer of thanks to God"
16. Matt said on 9/9/12 - 08:57PM
Obesity is a problem for many kids. Just because a kid is over weight doesn't mean he should miss out on having the protection he needs with the cool kids designs he likes. Yea, make them in larger/adult sizes. Also, I like the 2 tone designs too, maybe a checker pattern if it is possible.
17. JoeK said on 9/10/12 - 01:31AM
Great poem, Jonathan!
18. Jeremy said on 9/10/12 - 05:25AM
Wow Johnathan! That was really sweet.
19. Howard said on 9/10/12 - 02:41PM
Thanks Jonathon for the nice poem. It made me think of the boys out there that have to deal with the Goodnites and not Stars or RCD's. It made me think of myself that wished when I was a kid they had those when I was their age. I was a sleep wetter when I was Spencer's age and younger.
20. Neal said on 9/10/12 - 04:08PM
Nice retake of 'Casey at the Bat' Good Job!
21. christopher said on 9/10/12 - 06:05PM
YES ! :)
22. Jonathan said on 9/10/12 - 06:28PM
Thanks fellas. Seeing Spencer pitching and Scotty hitting, it just made me think of "Casey at the Bat." Now the question is if they did really face each other on the diamond, who do you think would come out on top?
23. dprdan said on 9/11/12 - 08:31AM
Yes I think everyone would like to see a larger version of the Race Car Diaper. Great design now make it bigger :)
24. James said on 9/11/12 - 10:40AM
Definitely need to make the RC diapers in the larger size. I would buy them because I like the graphics as I do the Stars as well. That would be great. I like to break up the same ole same ole of the plain light blue or white w/ the wetness indicator. Absolutely, make the larger size…I for one would buy. †
25. keith said on 9/12/12 - 07:51AM
YES!! make them all in young adult sizes that would be Awsome lol
26. Corey said on 9/12/12 - 05:42PM
Yes I'd love to see RCD's in the young men's sizes. Scotty looks like a great fan in his cap. You guys definately have my vote on the larger size. Keep up the good work!!
27. Alex said on 9/13/12 - 08:16AM
US Happy Healthy and Husky Bedwetters need cool diapers too. Thanks for a great job and providing great products and service
28. Adam said on 9/17/12 - 10:56AM
Looks like Scotty is into baseball, even though he is only wearing a baseball cap and a Star diaper. Which baesball team is he a fan of and who is his favorite player? Where does Scotty live? I live in Massachusetts, so I am a Red Sox fan. My favorite player is David Ortiz (Big Papi).
29. Billy said on 9/26/12 - 10:30AM
Bring on the larger sizes. Plain white diapers and small diapers are not the only solutions for the disable. We like to express ourselves and feel good about what we wear. I would like to see the diapers cheaper.(The disable children and young adults parents do not receive enough income)If you are disable like me, you know how costly diapers are. In the state of Texas there aren't any programs that help pay for diapers not even Medicare/Medicaid. Also what about young girls who are stuck using Goodnites and "old people" diapers. I say make a new line of diapers for girls. Would like to see spaceship design, Disney designs, and computer geek designs.
30. jonathan said on 11/30/12 - 10:08AM
hey scotty keep up the good work man
31. Matt said on 12/16/12 - 01:07AM
Yes, please re-introduce larger sizes for waist size larger than 38 inch. I'm overweight and the Boys X-Large are at their limit. I don't like the styles of the old people diapers that much.

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