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Star Plastic Pants for added protection day and night

by Customer Care on 01/25/13

We started offering our exclusive Star Plastic Pants last year because many of you felt that added protection (especially at night) provided that extra security against leaks.  These water proof pants are available in our store in both an "All-Clear" and traditional "Milky White".  If you have purchased them for your child, let us know how they are working out.  Once diapers are no longer needed, be sure to keep them around, since they work well with Tiger Training Pants and other "pull-ups" style disposables.


Comments (24)

1. Jason said on 1/26/13 - 01:30AM
We have been using the Tiget Trainers and Step-Ins plastic pants for a bedwetter for 3 years now. What was nightly bedwetting when we started out has now gone to 2 or 4 times a month. The plastic pants are a high quality pants and he is completely comfortable wearing them with the trainers.
2. Terry said on 1/26/13 - 03:56AM
We are big fans of all the Tiger products. But instead of calling them Tiger trainers, you should call them Tiger comfort briefs. My son loves the double seat brief, not because he wets but because they fit and feel so much better than the thin briefs you can get at local department stores.
3. Jonathan said on 1/26/13 - 04:02AM
I know you've offered plastic pants for year because we have many pairs, but its good that you are publicizing them again for new clients. My son wears Race Car Diapers every night with white Step in plastic pants. It's a perfect combination for him because like many bed wetters, he is a deep sleeper and a heavy wetter. The plastic pants keep in diaper from shifting and sagging and of course, even the smallest leak is a thing of the past. Thanks for all your great products and especially your superior service.
4. Jonathan said on 1/26/13 - 04:04AM
Are my eyes getting weaker or your word verification getting harder? It seems it always takes me 4 or 5 tries before I get it right,lol. Let's see how I do on this one.
5. Scooter said on 1/26/13 - 06:06AM
The plastic pant are awsome I use them on the weekends because I sleep later on those days. I have over wet my RCD's and the plastic pants you offer held all of it and trust me sometimes it is more than one would think. During the week when I have to get up to go to work I don't need them because the RCD's are perfect!!! Please continue to produce these diapers and plastic pants and also the Star diaper. Can't wait to see the new ones. When will we see the new Star Diaper??
6. Dan said on 1/27/13 - 02:46PM
My 11 year old son Dakota still wets his bed a couple of times a week and even has occasional day time accidents. The combination of Race Car Diapers and Tiger Trainers and Step In Plastic Pants is the perfect combination. He sleeps comfortably in his Race Car Diaper at night, and the Tiger Trainers and Step In Plastic Pants are thin enough not to show under his jeans but still absorbent enough to protect him from embarrassment. Thanks to everyone at Tiger and Star.
7. Peter said on 1/27/13 - 02:49PM
As a small businessman, I know that its important to maintain your customer base but to thrive you need to continue to grow. You have the models wear such cute tops and pajamas, have you ever thought of introducing your own PJ line? I bet Race Car jammies and maybe skateboarders from the Star line would be very popular.
8. Rick said on 1/27/13 - 04:00PM
It seems clear that Cole is wearing a diaper under his plastic pants in the first picture, but wearing only his trainers in the second. Perhaps you should have included him wearing his plastic pants over the trainers so our sons could see the difference in the fit of the two products. By the way, Cole looks great in both pictures but Peter is right, the pjs add an extra cuteness.
9. Marvin said on 1/28/13 - 01:13AM
Just a question, Cole's hair in the plastic pant image is a lot darker than his photo gallery shot. Was it dyed because we're going to be seeing Cole in a movie or TV commercial and they wanted it dyed?
10. Howard said on 1/28/13 - 05:06AM
I have a question for those that wet only a few times a week. Do you wear a diaper every night during the week or what you do when you wake up dry.
11. Kenny said on 1/30/13 - 12:06PM
On the rare occasions when I wake up dry, I take off my RCDs and save them for the next night. Then I step into them, loosen the top tabs, reset the sides so that they fully extended and then refasten. They work fine that way.
12. Robert said on 1/30/13 - 12:30PM
I agree with Peter that a Race Car PJ and t-shirts could be of interest. Would prefer them without a huge logo. Howard: My 10 year old son can wear the diaper the following night if he wakes up dry.
13. Daniel said on 1/30/13 - 01:25PM
Marvin, I asked David the same thing about Cole's apparent change in hair color, what I was told is that Cole's hair is naturally a dirty Blonde and that it darkens during the winter months. The reddish tint it seems to have now was just a trick of the lighting used during the shoot. I was kind of put out to learn this since it cost me a bet with my son. To the other question being asked on the rare morning that my son wakes up dry, he just removes his RCD and saves it for that night.
14. Howard said on 1/30/13 - 04:46PM
I see a lot of the posts comment about the pictures and and hair color or shirt or pants colors. All I can say is it's a wonder what you can do with Photoshop. I think you also need a newer word verification thing. I got all the letters right in the word and it still told me I needed to do the letters again.
15. Gene said on 1/31/13 - 01:35PM
The Cole hair debate reminds me of my youth. I have auburn hair almost the same as Cole's in the welcome page photo. However, I worked as a caddie at a golf course and being out in the sun all summer my hair turned blond. So I have school pictures in all kinds of shades, depending on when in the school year they were taken.
16. Clay said on 1/31/13 - 05:53PM
February is coming up tomorrow. Usually by now we've had a little preview of the model and the theme for the new catalog. Hopefully soon.
17. Joel said on 2/10/13 - 10:24AM
I think race care pattern plastic pants or race car pattern tiger training pants would be nice and when you wear them with your rcd tshirt it will look like a pair of pajamas for the warm weather.
18. Sharon said on 2/12/13 - 08:49AM
Agree with the Race Car pattern plastic pants. Also how about a Tiger pattern plastic pants. we've been using the trainers and plastic pants for about a year and are happy with them.
19. Curt said on 2/13/13 - 04:41AM
I'm casting my vote with Joel and Sharon.... Thanks to both for saying it first....
20. Ronald said on 4/23/13 - 10:04AM
Star plastic pants give my 14 year old twin boys exactly the protection they need at night over their Tiger Training Pants. They don't wet each night but when they do, pajamas, tshirts, sheets, pillows, and blankets stay dry. After a couple of unexpected "floods" they agreed to wearing the plastic pants and now its just second nature. I also wear the training pants, simply because they're the best briefs I've ever had. When we first ordered the step ins, I got 2 pair for myself (the twins thought i was the coolest Dad ever!) and I must say, they are soft and comfortable and I now take them along whenever I travel to a hotel for work. They are not detectable under my pajama bottoms and I get a refreshing nights sleep knowing that even if I have an accident, which I do once in a while, if I drink too much coffee or take an allergy medicine and sleep too soundly, I'll wake up dry.
21. Greg said on 4/24/13 - 10:05AM
As a kid I always wore the double seated briefs so popular in the 60's. For over a year now I've been lucky enough to have found Tiger Training Pants in the 100% cotton black dash waistband. Not only do these remind me of my younger days, before the skimpy briefs and baggy boxers filled the stores, but these are amazingly thick and soft and comfortable day and night. They get better with each washing, too. Topped with Tiger/Star waterproof plastic pants, I sleep better knowing there will be no midnight surprises if I don't wake up in time to use the bathroom. A winning combo. P.S. 2 pair of the all cotton briefs at bed are a great idea - Thanks, David for your suggestions.
22. Saul said on 5/1/13 - 06:51AM
Greg, we must be of the same generation. I've always worn briefs with my pajamas - never thought of going commando. A few years ago I browsed the web looking for thicker briefs that might absorb a small leak. Since then I've only worn Tiger 4 layer training briefs day and night. Very soft, thick, form fitting and really helpful with dribbles. At night I slip the Tiger Step In plastic pants over my training briefs then put on my pajamas. I sleep well and don't worry about any leaks at all. This company is wonderful. Underwear for every age and problem. Thanks.
23. Barry said on 5/1/13 - 01:24PM
So many customers young and old and in between love the Tiger and QD step in plastic pants. In our house, 3 of us (myself, my 14 year old and my 16 year old) use them every night. They are the best we've found for comfort and fit. We'd love to see some fun patterns like we have on our daytime boxer shorts. Animals, sports equipment, cars, whatever. That would make for so much more of a positive experience to wear them and with summer coming, they could easily double as pajama bottoms. Any plans for some cool patterns?
24. Dan said on 10/13/13 - 02:31PM
With cooler weather and cold nights in the midwest, my 16 year old switched to his feet pajama sleepers. With 2 pair of black dash training pants plus plastic pants, he is set for a cozy and dry night. This duo is totally undetectable under his sleeper. If he wakes up with dry briefs, he uses them for daytime. He saves the plastic pants for bedtime only, since he no longer has daytime accidents. Tiger pajamas or sleepers would be such a great addition to your products.

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