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Star Diaper Interview with Spencer Logan and Rudy

by Customer Care on 04/28/12

If you have the latest version of Quicktime click on the 3 Boy Star Diaper Interview link and hear what Spencer, Logan and Rudy have to say about Star Diapers! Do to storage capacity this is the 3 minute version.  The 5 Minute Director's Uncut Version (digital download version) will be will be sent out to everyone that purchases ANY STAR PRODUCTS (Star Diapers, Star Plastic Pants and Past/Present Memberships).  This special is being offered to the followers of this blog and only last until May 5, 2012 therefore you must comment that you want the Spring 2012 Star Diaper Interview when your checking out or email us your invoice number after your purchase. 

(Please note, this is a blog special and only for those customers that purchase any product from April 28 through May 5, 2012)

Comments (19)

1. Sean said on 4/28/12 - 02:01PM
That was an awesome video! Great job to Spencer, Logan, and Rudy on providing support to kids with bedwetting issues. Anyway, if I order 20 Star Diapers, can I still get the extended version of the video?
2. patrick said on 4/28/12 - 03:22PM
i love the star diaper that was so cool
3. Jonathan said on 4/28/12 - 05:13PM
Loved the variety of clips that were shared. Although Rudy said it was the end of a long day, they boys still seemed playful and enjoying each other's company. That is all kids should be worrying about at that age. As for the interview itself, it seemed more like the interviewer was making statements and asking the boys if they agreed. And the chairs made it look like the kids were in school responding to a teacher. Perhaps you could have just had the kids sitting around on the floor, perhaps with a game and talking about Star diapers for a half hour and then edit it down to two minutes. That might have made it seem more natural.
4. James said on 4/29/12 - 01:36AM
Great video for sure. All three seem to get along great and enjoy the comfort and protection received by the Star. Little hard to understand what they are saying sometimes but thats fine. Where is Scotty & Tristin? I bet they would have enjoyed time with their fellow models as well. Great job guys. †
5. Daniel said on 4/29/12 - 02:28AM
I thoughtit was a great video but the background noise made it kind of difficult to understand at times. I would suggest using a smaller room so voices don't echo and the sound quality would be a bit better for those that have hearing problems. Overall, a great video and please keep up the good work.
6. Teder said on 4/29/12 - 09:31AM
You have good advertising but ... You are advertising very well wearing diapers, but I would say that was an advertisement for the use of diapers. In any case, what you are doing this is a huge breakthrough - what you are even ahead of time.
7. Mike Abe said on 4/29/12 - 10:14AM
Those interviews were very good, I really enjoyed it alot, But I do think that it should be in a bedroom, But I really very liked this alot, keep up the great work, Your doing such a great job :D
8. William said on 4/29/12 - 03:53PM
Great video, although Logan seemed kinda out of place.
9. Alex said on 4/29/12 - 07:59PM
In reply to William, I didn't think that Logan seemed out of place at all. I thought that he was acting like a genuine boy in his mid-teens, such as when he cutely asked if he could punch Rudy for touching his diaper. Of all the models, I think that Logan is the boldest, and the most important. He's a teenager, not a pre-teen like Spencer or Rudy. I think that he's incredibly courageous for wanting to model diapers, and I hope he understands how admirable his modeling work is.
10. Alex said on 4/29/12 - 09:16PM
I wet the bed regularly into my teens (I'm in my early twenties now), and I was always incredibly embarrassed by it. It makes me feel better, looking back, when I see that in the year 2012, a teenage boy like Logan has agreed to model youth diapers and talk about wearing them openly and proudly. Nowadays, I barely wet anymore and don't really "need" diapers, but when I have a Star Diaper around I always want to wear it. I hope that all the models, especially Logan, understand how bold and courageous they are by doing what they do, and how much they inspire us!
11. Harry said on 4/30/12 - 01:41AM
I agree with Alex its so important to understand the impact this has on the teen crowd not only on the younger kid crowd which is important as well unfortunately my bedwetting didn't clear up and I am a young man as well now and still need the protection star diapers has done a great job helping more than they know with this issue keep up the great great work
12. Neal said on 4/30/12 - 06:00AM
It was very good for a teen like Logan to represent Star Diapers. I'm sure it took a lot of courage.
13. Emily said on 4/30/12 - 10:59AM
Until I saw this interview, I honestly assumed these boys didn't enjoy modeling Star Diapers- I stand corrected.
14. Jonathan said on 5/1/12 - 11:45AM
While many people mentioned the courage it took for Logan to wear Star Diapers, and I agree, I'd say the boy with the most courage in the video was Rudy because he was playing with Logan's diaper and obviously annoying him. Logan is not only much larger than Rudy, but I believe he also is an experienced martial artist. For Rudy to mess with him took real courage, lol.
15. xavier said on 5/4/12 - 05:31AM
I am a bed wetter too and I am 12 but i want to thanks all the three kids, because their are very brave to be on this video . They show us that wearing diaper is fun and i thank you for that. Before, i feel not happy for wearing them but now, i will not say that i am happy but i feel like a normal kid. Logan, your are my hero, because i hope not to wet the bed until 16 but i would like to accept diaper as you do it. Rudy and spencer, you are very funny and keep have fun like that because i ti good for kids like us.
16. jacob adams said on 5/4/12 - 10:36AM
Great video!
17. Steve said on 5/8/12 - 12:44AM
I think that Logan should have his own video so it shows just how brave he is
18. Jeremy said on 5/8/12 - 07:23AM
Kids are so lucky these days. When I was a kid, I wet the bed and I had to just wake up wet and cold. Back then, diapers were only for babys. As an adult, I have a disease in my bladder and I use diapers. Indeed these boys are courageous. I wouldn't have the guts to model diapers, but I'm not a professional model either. Good job boys!
19. Greg said on 6/21/15 - 04:27PM
I am amazed at the openness to be "accepted" today, especially by parents, is wonderfull. Finally, acceptance of a problem that most often cannot be controlled. I can rember wearing regular cloth diapers and plastic pants, that is until I outgrew them. Then, It was a spanking almost every morning. I'm so happy for the youth of today!

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