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Star Diaper Contest

by Customer Care on 05/12/12

Yesterday I received a wonderful testimonial from a new cutomers that I'll be sharing on this blog as well as on the QD.Net website.  Jason will be receiving a free (10) pack of Star Diapers as my thank you gift.  Unfortunately  QD can't share everyones testimonials but your more than welcome to share your opinions on this post.  I promise to select one more cutomer for a pack of (10) free star diapers who post the best composed testimonial below.  This contest is for "customers only" and the winner will selected on May 16th.


Comments (9)

1. Mike said on 5/12/12 - 07:30PM
Great letter! There are quite a few of us incontinent youngish-adults who prefer a quality product that is also a little fun and fashionable. Nothing worse than bland medicinal-design briefs to remind you that you can't wear what you want... well now we can! :)
2. Daniel said on 5/13/12 - 02:13AM
I agree Mike. Though it's been several years that I've need to wear diapers, I never really liked the plain white diapers that adults normally have to put up with. I'm just glad that my son gets to have the choices in diapers that I didn't. Please keep up the good work.
3. Neal said on 5/13/12 - 01:15PM
Had it not been for Star Diapers, I don't think that none of the boys/teens would have modeled for disposable diapers. Sure there were a few clips of some of them wearing plain white diapers, but only after wearing Star Diapers, did they have the courage. I'm impressed with them all, but especially for Logan. With this, I thank :)
4. Adam said on 5/15/12 - 08:40AM
You couldn't ask for anything better than Star Diapers for children, teens and adults. They fit comfortably, have great designs, and tabs that can re-grip the diaper if adjustments are necessary. I have been wearing Star Diapers overnight ever since February (when I was 31, now I am 32) and I couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work! I also like the pictures of Scotty, Spencer, Tristan, Rudy, and Logan modeling Star Diapers. These five boys look very handsome in their Star Diapers.
5. William said on 5/15/12 - 09:15AM
I agree Neal! And hopefully their courage has helped a lot of kids/teens to have the courage, and help get rid of the stigma that is often present. :)
6. Jessica said on 5/15/12 - 01:45PM
you have done a great job of making my son feel better about having to wear protection at night and sometimes during day trips. he does not feel embarressed like he used to. thanks! and keep up the good work!
7. Brian said on 5/18/12 - 08:35PM
This is the first time trying star diapers, and I can say that over 10 years of being incontinent and possibly trying every diaper on the planet, that would fit me, and I am a fairly tall person being 6'2" 220 and a 40" waist, and i am now 24, trying star diapers ARE absolutely the BEST Diaper ever, and I plan on buying more for now on!!!...Star Diapers Rock!!!
8. Adam said on 11/6/12 - 03:11PM
Brian, I agree with you 100%! The Star Diapers Rock, as do the Race Car Diapers, if you have tried them yet. I also plan to purchase Star and Race Car diapers for quite a while now. In case you were wondering, I am a fairly meduim-built person. I am only 5'11" with a 38" waist, and I am 32 yeras old. As for all the models, ROCK ON!
9. Joey Jones said on 3/27/15 - 11:11PM
Hiya, I too agree with many of the above comments about your product. Although never trying them out, they do look quite stylish and attractive. I am a 50 year old, and have developed a great deal of health issues over the past few years. Last summer, while in hospital...It would have been a joy to wear these, instead of the ugly green institutional diapers that are out there! They are ugly, and so utilitarian. To have something with color, and designs...well it's playful, and can really add a bit of sunshine/smiles to the faces of folks that have to deal with the mundane tasks of changes in the hospital. I wouldn't worry about closing up my gown if I was wearing one of these underneath. :) Great product, and both myself, and my wife wish you the greatest of success!

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