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Spencer and Rudy and Teddy Too!

by Customer Care on 02/19/12

During a recent photo shoot, Spencer and Rudy thought it would be fun to diaper their friend "Teddy" the Teddy Bear!  The boys soon realized that the big bear presented more of a challenge than they expected.  The collection of photos will be available in next month's Star Diaper Catalog.  In the meantime, click on the link below for a very short video snippet.  Keep in mind that Teddy was not physically harmed or injured in any way!

Spencer & Rudy and Teddy Too!

Comments (8)

1. Daniel said on 2/19/12 - 11:30AM
I just had to send a note about this video snip, At least once I stopped laughing, I'm going to be sure to show this one to Eli when he gets home. I'm sure he'll love it. Is it possible for you to load more of it? Anyway, great work. We both will be looking forward to March's Catalog.
2. Neal said on 2/19/12 - 01:11PM
LOL, That was so hilarious. Hope to see the full version very soon. :)
3. Max said on 2/19/12 - 02:14PM
I agree I want to see more, did they manage it I HAVE TO KNOW
4. Jonathan said on 2/19/12 - 02:41PM
Great video, very cute. How long is it until March 1st? Drat!! This is a leap year so we'll have to wait an extra day, lol. Sure it will be WELL worth the wait.
5. James said on 2/20/12 - 04:21AM
That is funny. I used to have a "Teddy" that i had diapered up but much smaller. Got to remember though...Tabs go in the back. †
6. Howard said on 2/20/12 - 04:59PM
I forgot to ask in the last post. Where did you find the bears that big? I would love to order one for my collection of bears. I didn't know the star diapers were big enough for bears anyways. Please post a link to the bears so we can order them too. Thanks
7. Mick said on 2/21/12 - 05:51PM
Do another one, that was funny and hilarious!
8. Max said on 2/22/12 - 01:07PM
Yeah tabs to the back an grafics to the front

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