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Rudy's Post Production Video

by Customer Care on 03/29/12

After a long day of shooting, nothing beats some time at the pool!  Rudy's curiousity of the video camera was apparent from the very start of the day, so I handed the controls over to him for the post production. I'm sure he would be thrilled to hear your comments!

Rudy's Post Production Video 

Comments (14)

1. Joshua said on 3/30/12 - 06:01AM
Keep up the good work Rudy :)
2. Mike Abe said on 3/30/12 - 06:21AM
Keep up the good work Rudy, Your doing such a great job :D
3. GR said on 3/30/12 - 09:09AM
NOT too bad dude, Watch out Chris Columbus, This boys after your job. Love the soundtrack to. One of my favs.
4. Nick said on 3/30/12 - 09:30AM
Is Rudy wearing a new Star Pullup in this picture?
5. Neal said on 3/30/12 - 09:44AM
Is Rudy wearing Goodnites in this pic? Great job on the video! ::
6. Jonathan said on 3/30/12 - 01:01PM
I think I speak for many members when I say thanks for the video clips you provide. In the stills, the boys do a great job of highlighting your products, but in the videos, we get to see them as the fun loving boys they are. Of course, it would have been fun to see them in the pool in their Star Diapers--that would have been a real testimony to how much they can hold. I know you are always thinking of new and innovative products, was this perhaps a way of saying you are thinking of introducing a "swim diaper" for older boys? And yes, Rudy did a great job filming and modeling the new pull up style pant.
7. James said on 3/31/12 - 03:00PM
Great video...They sure are having fun. Thats what kids are supose to do @ that age. Just enjoy life. They grow so quickly. Enjoy. †
8. William said on 4/1/12 - 06:14PM
Awesome video of boys just being boys.
9. Daniel said on 4/4/12 - 06:48AM
I agree that Rudy did a great job of filming this clip. I feel that it's great that the kids doing the modeling get to have time to blow off steam and just be kids at the end of the shoots.
10. GR said on 4/4/12 - 02:27PM
Just had an idea. ever think of having EACH models do a fun video shoot(Star/Tiger), of their own and offering them with a membership renewal Just a thought?
11. Howard said on 4/6/12 - 01:34PM
Now that he has had a taste of shooting video, let Rudy try video editing and post a small video snippet of the results. He has the skills for shooting video, I would like to see a video of some of the people behind Tiger and Stars that make this all possible. Just have Rudy shoot the video.
12. Aaron said on 4/10/12 - 07:21AM
I'm sure that is a Huggies Goodnite that he is wearing in the picture, but none the less if Star is planing a pullup type product that would be really cool. I use star diapers right now all day long but it would be great to have the same great product in an even more discreet fashion. It would also be great if they would release a mid size because the large is too big for my legs and waist but the small doesn't fit at all.
13. Pem said on 4/11/12 - 02:47PM
Can't wait to see the pull ups!
14. Jeremy said on 5/7/12 - 04:06PM
Good job Rudy! You boys are very handsome! Looks like fun. Keep up the good work. It is nice to see the product in real life. Picture of just the diaper is not enough.

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