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Race Car Diaper will be "All-White"

by Customer Care on 06/11/12

QualityDiapers.Net exclusive Race Car diaper will be available later this summer, just in time to start our second year in business.  It can be confirmed that it will be an "all-white" plastic disposable diaper with racing cars sporting the 4 tape landing zone.  More news and photos in weeks to come. 

Comments (20)

1. Daniel said on 6/12/12 - 06:10AM
I am pleased to hear that the race car design has been finalized and will be ready later this summer. I know that my son will like the fact that they will be a plain white. While he does like the blue on white design that is used currently he has commented that having a plain white diaper would better at times when he felt the need to wear during the day like if he is going to be out with friends and a bathroom won't be readily availible. I'm sure other mid to older teens and adults that need diapers probably feel this way as well at times. I'll be looking forward to seeing them when they're ready to be shipped.
2. jimmy said on 6/12/12 - 07:37AM
Sounds great. In what sizes? I tried the large and there is too much material to gather around the waist section. Other than that, the large size is great. I take a 34" or 35" waist. White color will work well. Thanks.
3. Ben said on 6/12/12 - 08:17AM
I, being a teen who would otherwise wear plaid boxers or solid colored briefs/boxer-briefs, really wanted a star diaper WITHOUT the younger-kid oriented designs on the front. I mean, all-white, all-blue, even all-green--whatever color!--I just wanted a diaper without the childish designs on the front. I mean seriously, it's hard enough getting by with stars on my diapers; now I'll be subject to more ridicule in the locker room as they witness the race cars... So the next time you raise my hopes by announcing an "all-white" diaper, make sure that it is actually "all-white."
4. Jonathan said on 6/12/12 - 11:25AM
I think Ben is on to something. My son favors an all white as well. Perhaps you could have the manufacturer run a certain number of plain white diapers before they add the race car prints. I am not an engineer, but bet the technology exists to do something like that.
5. Daniel said on 6/12/12 - 02:19PM
Ben, While I understand your frustration in thinking that you were misled concerning the "all white" on the up coming Stars, it has been stated since day one that the new diapers would have the race car design on the taping panel and they just weren't sure yet whether the diaper itself would be all white or the blue and white set up that's currently used. There are some good brands on the market that are just plain white or a solid color. If it is acceptible to David I can place a list here of brands my son has tried and where to find them. In the mean time, I would suggest that you try to ignore the peope teasing you as best you can since they don't have a clue as to what it's like to be in your situation and before you say that I don't have any clue either I do have some experience with teasing having grown up with Cerebral palsy and have delt with some wetting issuses when I was younger.
6. GR said on 6/12/12 - 04:31PM
First of all welcome back Scotty. Now...I understand the want/need for an "all white" product, for the older(13 & older)teen. However: my concern is, will the 2nd gen "star" diaper by Quality Diapers(QD) be of the same high quality design as the current style. There have been other like product companies that have changed the design of their product and lost(though not meaning to), the higher quality of the first design. I hope that wont be the case here. I know "star" diapers have been a Godsend, for many preteens, teens and young adults. Thanks for meeting a silent need for many young people. David and the entire "Stars" family. Keep it up, you "ARE" making a difference in many lives.
7. Jonathan said on 6/12/12 - 04:40PM
I think Ben has a point. Perhaps the technology exists for Star to manufacture a run of plain white diapers as well as diapers with race cars. Bye the way, that's a great image of Scotty, the only thing missing is the race cars. Spencer is still the "King of Models" but Scotty is quickly becoming the "Crown Prince."
8. Colby said on 6/13/12 - 02:53PM
I must say that the diaper Scotty is wearing looks like it fits him rather well. I hope the new Star Race Car diapers fit me just as well. I really like the Star Brand better then any other as I am 14 and wear diapers 24/7 because I am incontinent both bladder and bowel. I think the Stars are the most user friendly diaper on the market. Thanks for thinking of kids my age with these needs. By the way I have seen Scotty with both longer and shorter hair and I think he looks best in shorter hair. Just my opinion. I wear my hair short though too.
9. Jonathan said on 6/14/12 - 12:16AM
I would have to agree with Colby that Scotty's diaper looks like it was custom made for him. As for his hair, I don't know because whenever I look at his head, I am blinded by his great smile.
10. justin said on 6/14/12 - 02:59AM
Can't wait for the race car diaper. I would suggest a wettness indicator for the diapers because sometimes its hard to tell if the diaper is truely wet or not andwasting a diaper is something that people dont want to do
11. Jake said on 6/14/12 - 10:16AM
That's today's style. Here in NY 90% of all boys wear there hair shory, myself inculding. The diaper looks great too!
12. Kenny said on 6/14/12 - 06:17PM
If the Race-Car Diapers look half as good as the white ones on Scotty, I'll love them. When I can, I wear white briefs, mostly so a mostly white diaper is fine by me.
13. james allen said on 6/17/12 - 06:34AM
i cant wait to try these new diapers i like the fact there mostly white, the blue and white ones are cool to but im bout to be 16 in 3 months and i think those are more for younger kids, great job again to you and the models, i would like to hear what logan has to say about them since hes my age thanks again for everything :)
14. James said on 6/20/12 - 04:17AM
I'd have to agree with Ben to a point. Even the pictures have the white diaper without racecars. At the least we'll have mostly white diapers tho! And btw, I like my hair long. XD
15. mike said on 9/23/12 - 01:48PM
Ben Ijust wanted to say it doesn't matter what is on the out side of the diaper. People are what they are some kind some not so kind some just don't care. Not so kind people will make fun of you just because it makes them feel better to make some one feel worse than they do.I think what really matters is what is on you.The very best diaper in the U.S.A..I would like to say the world but I haven'tried any out side the U.S. Anyway from my growing up using diapers and to this day I learned people will always make fun. The more you let them know it bothers you the more they will do it.If you play thier game and joke back with them about it they don't get any fun out of it and wonder what's the point. He's not getting mad or upset and that takes the fun out of it for them so they move on to someone else. so the IMPORTANT thing is that you know you have the very best salution to a problem on.You don't have to worry about your pants turning dark in the middle of a standup speach. And that has nothing to do with what's on the outside. Just remember don't let them get to you. wish you the best.
16. Brett said on 1/13/13 - 06:16PM
I am glad that they are plastic backed instead of the cloth-like.
17. Jason said on 5/3/13 - 09:53AM
These are awsome diapers. They hold more that goodnite and underjams.
18. Lane said on 5/6/13 - 04:22PM
I wish you could get these diapers in stores.
19. Roman said on 5/16/13 - 02:54PM
It 'll be good if you can have the same article in adult size too. Not XL or XLL, but in adult size S and M. I know many young adults who have the same problems and would love to wear these layers that look pretty well made??, rather than white and ugly diapers sold in all other adult site. I am 100% sure that sales would increase with this. This does not of course prevent the current advertising. But it would give a wider opening to this article.
20. Mark said on 12/1/14 - 06:20PM
I am a single father of a 13 year old son. He has nighttime wetting problems. He and I both like that Race Car Diapers are for older boys. He has some buddies that have the same problem that he has. They also wear Race Car Diapers. He enjoys going to sleep overs. He is not afraid to wear them with his friends.

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