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Check Out Scotty's New Star Diaper Video

by Customer Care on 12/19/11

Thanks everyone who helped with their creative thoughts over the last few days.  All were very good and it was hard to pick the one that I felt worked best for the site!  In fact, there is a good chance in the future that I'll use some of the other statements written somewhere else on the QD Site.  If I do, I'll be sure to reward with a 10 pack of Star Diapers.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts on the new Scotty's Star Diaper Commercial.  The link can be found on the Customer Care page.  The video was converted to flash but then changed to Apple Quicktime so it could be seen on all those iphones and ipads out there as well as most pc's that have the Apple QuickTime plugin.

Comments (14)

1. James said on 12/19/11 - 12:13PM
I would write something like: No matter if rough-housing or sleeping. Star Diapers stay in place with the refasenable tape tabs and perform as they were designed to do which is absorb and keep PJs and bedding dry.
2. Mike Abe said on 12/19/11 - 12:42PM
I love Scotty's new Star Diaper Video alot, Its the coolest ever, Great Job :D
3. Tony said on 12/19/11 - 02:37PM
That was awesome Scotty nice job
4. Jonathan said on 12/19/11 - 03:20PM
The video just confirms what we already knew from Scotty's still pictures--the he is a fun loving, playful young man. What I found most interesting was the "lilt" in his voice. I'm not sure I can identify the origin of his accent, but would like to hear more of him speaking in future video commercials.
5. Neal said on 12/19/11 - 04:44PM
Scotty's voice kinda sounds like he's from the southeast USA.
6. Jonathan said on 12/20/11 - 12:21AM
I was thinking maybe Texas but would have to hear him say more to be sure
7. Neal said on 12/20/11 - 07:06AM
I agree, Scotty does sound like he might be from Texas.
8. Daniel said on 12/20/11 - 12:31PM
To me he sounds like he could be from the lower parts of the midwest (KS, OK, upper part of TX). But it's hard to tell given the music in the background.
9. dustin said on 12/24/11 - 03:53PM
is there more coming..
10. Kenny said on 12/25/11 - 09:03AM
Merry Christmas to All! Thanks for Stars Diapers. It was nice waking up in a dry bed this morning!
11. max said on 12/25/11 - 01:30PM
Its just gone 11:15 here in the uk. the end of what was a fun and busy day, Thanks to my star diapers it was a great day from start (MOMENT I WOKE IN A DRY BED)to haveing dry pants all day... again thanks to my stars All in all this has to have been the best christmas. I hope for those of you still having fun just now that you have great days and when its night I hope your nights end with dry beds and dont spoil th memories you made today
12. Mike Abe said on 12/25/11 - 02:28PM
Merry Christmas to all the models :D
13. Joey said on 12/26/11 - 07:15AM
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mom let me open my presents right away and get cleaned up after, so thanks Star for keeping me dry enough to get my toys as soon as possible! :)
14. Joseph said on 7/9/14 - 07:46PM
Thanks star diapers! You helped me through many bedwetting nights!

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