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Star Training Pants Commercial

by Customer Care on 03/14/15

Check out our new Star Training Pants commercial on YouTube! He is also the same boy that is shown with his mom and dad on our Customer Care page.

Weekend Sale on Star Trainers and March 2015 Membership

by Customer Care on 02/28/15

Time to refresh your browser!  We got a brand new Bed Wetter's News Letter and a new 3 Month Coupon Code for March 2015.  This month's newsletter talks about some well know Holywood actors that had deal with bed wetting growing up.

We also have a 3 month coupon code that will save you 10% off all products.  It comes with a free 24 page PDF catalog and a bonus video.  This weekend however, all you need to do is type in trainer123 to save 10% off all white and color training pants.  This 10% savings is on top of the current Big Sale and can save you up to 50% off each trainer!

Super Bowl Sunday

by Customer Care on 01/31/15

Everyone here is rooting for the Seahawks and hoping for a Super Bowl repeat!  That also means it's February 1, so it's time to refresh your browsers and check out this month's Bed Wetter's News Letter.  We also caried this theme forward and made a 32 page PDF catalog available for free with the purchase of a 3 month coupon code.  The February 2015 Discount Code means 10% off all products in the store and a 5 minute video documentary will also be included, so don't fumble on this opportunity!

 Free Video Documentary (Expires Feb 28, 2015)

Happy New Year 2015!

by Customer Care on 01/17/15

Sorry for the delay but it's that time of the year!  QualityDiapers.Net is offering our 3 month discount code along with a brand new catalog for January 2015.  It features Spencer modeling the Star plastic pants wich we recommend with our new Star training pants.  If you purchase the January 2015 coupon code, we will also include the 5 minute video documenatary as a free gift!

Free Video Documentary (Expires Jan 31, 2015)

One in Ten Primary School Students still in Diapers

To readers of this blog, I'm sure this is not a surprise.  It is interesting however that news media seems surprise by this statistic.  You can get more information by clicking here.

Once again, I apologize for the delay and look forward to hearing from all of you!



Save 50% on Star Trainer and Free PDF

by Customer Care on 12/05/14


As the holiday season is now in full throttle, it is important to take a moment and understand the Christmas spirit of why giving is so much more rewarding than the receiving.

First, QualityDiapers.Net will send out a free PDF (any past issue) to everyone that purchases December 2014 3 Month Membership. This month 34 page PDF will also be included.  Several of you have already made the purchase, so if you read this now and wish to have a previous PDF too, just send an email and let us know.  Having a membership that saves you 10% can really add up when purchasing a 40 Pack of  RCD that can cost close to $100.00.  The Star Trainers cost $80.00 to $90.00 each and so the saving can recoup the cost of the original membership, however we do suggest to calculate before how much you plan to purchase over a 3 month period to confirm if it will offset the original investment.

QualityDiapers.Net has always been focused on Customer Service.  We pride ourselves that you will always get a hold of someone during normal business hours to discuss products or an order that you may have questions about.  Many of you enjoy the free monthly Bed Wetter's News Letter that has been available from the very beginning.  Shipping is fast and orders go out the same or next day with a tracking number emailed to every customer.  The craftsmanship of the new Star Trainers is another testament on how we care to give customers the very best product possible.  Unfortunately there is no denying that companies like this (except for Tiger Underwear) are rare these days.  The time and devotion required to maintain this level of operation means our customers get a good value for their purchase.  Unfortunately a good value does not equate to affordability for those challenged with limited resources.

Here is the second really cool offer that gets to my point earlier about Christmas spirt.  I'll let my newsletter editor say the rest:

My son was reading the recent flurry of activity in the  Blog and about making the Star Trainer affordable to more boys and came to me and said: Dad, could I spend some of the money that I would be getting at Christmas to help reduce the cost of the Star Trainer for other boys who wet? As an older teen that continues to wet nightly and has some daytime issues as well, he is all too familiar with wetting and the need for good products. I was floored and said that I would talk it out with the folks at Quality Diaper and see what might be arranged. So here is the deal: My son and I will help defray the cost of one Star Trainer per family. The cost will be 50% off when you order (1) All-White Star Trainer. This only applies to the Star Trainer and normal USPS Priority shipping/handling fees will apply. This covers boy sizes (6-8), (10-12) or teen sizes (14-16), (18-20) and (32-34).  Orders will be "Voided" if you order more than one trainer at this special price.

Both my son and I want to make this offer to help kids who wet and do request that everybody honor that intent. It is not available on the "Shop" page.  Click on the "Buy" button below to take of the advantage of this special offer.  This offer runs from now thru December 31 or until the funds for these are spent.

As I said in the December Newsletter, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Your Newsletter editor

This wonderful offer has now been expired on December 26, 2014

Free 4 Page Brochure and Plastic Tote Bag

by Customer Care on 10/08/14

The new Star Trainer arrived on our "Shop" page last month and it was our intention to make Oct 1 the grand announcement via newsletter.  Unfortunately our intitial inventory sold out, so this months blog got delayed until we were able to restock. 

This month's catalog features Cole and it is titled "Trainer VS Trainer".  It shows the comparison of the Star Training Pant versus the Tiger Training Brief".  The 30 page PDF version is free for customers purchasing or renewing a 3 Month Coupon Code that saves you 10% on all purchases at QualityDiapers.Net.  Also be sure to check out this month's Bed Wetter's News Letter for additional information comparing the two trainers for free by clicking here.

Now that we have restocked our Star Trainer inventory, we have a good supply in all sizes and colors (Traditional White, Fire Engine Red and Sky Blue).  This month we will include a free 4 page brochure and one 2 gallon plastic tote bag with the purchase of our new Star Trainer.  All you need to do is type "Special" in the comment box and we will include these free gifts with your order.

Star Training Pants (Quick Link)

Labor Day 2014

by Customer Care on 09/01/14

QualityDiapers.Net has introduced the all new Star Trainer.  It's available today in 3 different colors on the "Shop" page.  The front and back panels consist of 2 layers of absorbent soaking panels sandwiched between 3 layers of rib-knit.  All together that equals 8 layers the run from top to bottom for maximum absorbency.  Soft fabric roll-over waistband and stretchy single fabric sides work together to provide a secure fit.  The Gerber training pants from the 90's was the inspiration for the look, however the Star Training Pants offer better absorbency with the additional layers.  Additional information can be found in this month's newsletter (September 2014 Bed Wetter's News Letter)

We are also offering a new catalog this month.  The September 2014 PDF Catalog  is free for those that wish to purchase or renew their 3 month coupon code that saves you 10% off all products including the new Star Training Pants. 

Hoping everyone is having a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend,

QualityDiaper.Net Team


The Star Training Pants are available for purchase.  We have now noted that you need to click on the Star Trainer icon to proceed.  Clicking the icon gives a detail description of the product as well as the price and the ability to buy.

The absorbent material is not an absorbent felt or sponge but 2 layers of a thicker fabric that is not rib-knit.  We don't wish to disclose what the special material is, but the fabric is made out of 100% cotton. 

New Fall Product

by Customer Care on 08/20/14

Above is a sneak peak of a new product for this coming fall.  More details will be coming in future post but for right now we ask you to comment on the question below:



August 2014...A Look Back

by Customer Care on 08/11/14

As we start our 4th year, it is always fun to look back to see how it all began.  This month, customers interested in purchasing or renewing their 3 Month Membership will receive August 2014 PDF Catalog (featuring Tristant sporting the original Star Youth Diapers from 2011) plus any Past PDF Catalog or instead you may select any past Tiger Underwear PDF.  Just let us know when checking out which additional catalog you would like as your free bonus and it will be sent to you along with your 3 Month Coupon Code that saves you 10% off products.

When looking back, you'll notice that from the very beginning there has been a newsletter for each month.  This month's however is slightly different as we have made it a complete index for all of past 35 issues!  Note that you need to click on the August 2014 PDF option to work the hyper-links.

Tiger Underwear make the perfect training pants for those that are becoming less dependent on diapers (just don't forget the plastic pants).  Just a few days ago they came out with the latest trainer, the Retro Rocket Training Pant.  Currently they offer a dozen different styles of 4 Panel (Front and Back) Trainers but the Retro Rocket is on Sale and is $5.00 off. 



Summer is Here!

by Customer Care on 07/12/14

The weather around here is HOT!  We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool.  Summertime also means vacation time so we have included a helpful newsletter this month for those of you planning a vacation.  This month catalog (July 2014 Bed Wetter's Newsletter) also explains that you don't  necessarily have to bring your vacation supply of diapers with you.  Purchasing a Blanket Buddy and then rolling up inside a few pair of Star Plastic Pants will offer you great protection when staying at a hotel even if it that means resorting to lower quality drug store diapers.

If you interested in purchasing a 3 Month Discount Code that will save you 10% off all our products or if you wish to renew, we will include this month's PDF Catalog and 4 Minute Video Documentary of Cole's Road Trip. You can also receive the video documentary when you purchase a 40 Pack of RCD in size X-Large or 2X-Large and one (1) pair of Star Plastic Pants.  Click here to view video snippet.


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