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Summer is Here!

by Customer Care on 07/12/14

The weather around here is HOT!  We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool.  Summertime also means vacation time so we have included a helpful newsletter this month for those of you planning a vacation.  This month catalog (July 2014 Bed Wetter's Newsletter) also explains that you don't  necessarily have to bring your vacation supply of diapers with you.  Purchasing a Blanket Buddy and then rolling up inside a few pair of Star Plastic Pants will offer you great protection when staying at a hotel even if it that means resorting to lower quality drug store diapers.

If you interested in purchasing a 3 Month Discount Code that will save you 10% off all our products or if you wish to renew, we will include this month's PDF Catalog and 4 Minute Video Documentary of Cole's Road Trip. You can also receive the video documentary when you purchase a 40 Pack of RCD in size X-Large or 2X-Large and one (1) pair of Star Plastic Pants.  Click here to view video snippet.


June 2014 Video Documentary Special

by Customer Care on 06/20/14

Click Here to view 30 video snippet of Cole's Blanket Buddy Documentary

We appreciate everyone's patience this month as we all have been kept busy with orders (Thank-You!) and other things (new products) that we cannot blog about yet.  Tiger Underwear also has been going through a lot of design changes as it continues to evolve. 

If your membership has expired or if you are considering purchasing the June 2014 Membership (3 Month 10% Coupon Code), we offer both a new PDF Downloadable Catalog and a 4 minute video documentary as free gifts this month.  If you have already received the June 2014 PDF Catalog and wish for the video too, just contact us by email and we will be happy to send it out to you at no charge.  Hurry, this offer will expire at the end of the month!

Customers that purchase a (40) Pack of RCD in X-Large or 2X-Large plus (1) pair of Star Plastic Pants can also receive this 4 minute video documentary of Cole modeling the Blanket Buddy in his RCD and Star "Step-Ins" Pants (just type June 2014 Video Documentary in the comment box when checking out).  Blanket Buddy as you know is the perfect companion to the RCD when it comes to keeping your bed and mattress protected and this month's catalog demonstates how long and wide this velvet soft blanket is compared to the size of a normal 12 year old boy.


2014 May Day Specials

by Customer Care on 04/30/14

It's May Day, so we're reminding everyone to refresh their browser and check out this month's Bed Wetter's Newsletter and please tell us what you think.  We are very fortunate to have a gentleman take the time to write these insightful articles each month and I'm sure he appreciates your feedback.

Our friends at Tiger Underwear have done an amazing job on their new site.  Their grand opening will be any day but they gave us an exclusive coupon just for our cutomers.  The 20% Discount Code is valid on any of their Tiger Trainer or Tiger Double-Seat Briefs.  In order to activate the discount, a minimum purchase of $50.00 is necessary.  The code is MayDay and can only be used one time per customer, so be sure to make it count!

We're also offering something very special!  If you're interesed in purchasing a 3 Month Discount Code, you will receive the May 2014 PDF Catalog.  As an added bonus, you will also receive the 2014 Spring/Summer Star "Step-Ins" PDF Catalog from Tiger Underwear.  It features Scotty modeling these amazing soft waterproof pants designed to be worn over Tiger Trainers.  This two catalog promo will end May 31.

We know many of our customers (we know who you are) purchase diapers from our site monthly if not weekly.  If you place an order for a (40) Pack of X-Large or 2X-Large plus one pair of Star Plastic Pants, we will include the two catalogs this month for free!  Just type May 2014 in the comment box along with your order. 

April Special!

by Customer Care on 04/09/14

April is well underway, so many of you have already checked out our latest newsletter this month.  Please know that this service is brought to you each month by a anonymous customer.  He volunteers his time to help our visitors learn and understand the truths versus myths regarding day and night time wetting.  I'm certain he would appreciate hearing from those that have enjoyed learning from his knowledge and expertise.

We had many request for images on how our RCD might look under clothing, so this months catalog shows how easily our product dissapears under PJ's.  Cole proves that even under his favorite rocket pajamas, you would have a hard distinguishing that he is fully protected at bed time.  This PDF downloadable catalog is of course free this month with the purchase of April's 2014 Discount Code saving you 10% off all merchandise in the store for 3 months!  We will also honor this month an additional past catalog of your choice.  Just type in the comment box when checking out which catalog you would like for free.  Please keep in mind that your Discount Code and downloadable catalogs can take up to 24 hours to receive.

Click Here to watch video above



March 2014 Special: Mission Impossible Video Documentary

by Customer Care on 03/07/14

Today we are adding the Mission Impossible Video along with the March 2014 PDF Catalog with the purchase of this month Discount Code.  3 Month Discount Code saves you 10% off everyting in the store. 

The 7 minute video doucmentary and PDF catalog is your free gift.  Click Here to view the snippet. 

If you are already a member, just make a purchase of a (40) Pack of RCD in size X-Large or 2X-Large along with one pair of Star Plastic Pants and type in Mission Impossible Video and will send you the video download.

These offers will self-destruct on March 31 so don't delay!

March 2014....Mission Impossible

by Customer Care on 03/02/14


It's a new month which means one important thing, be sure to refresh your browser.  Updating your browser on the News Letter and you'll find an interesting article that takes aim at some questions that all boys have in regard to sleep wetting. 

Speaking of taking aim, Spencer and Cole are back but this time acting as secret agents.  March 2014 Catalog is titled Mission Impossible which Spencer and Cole model the Race Car Diaper (RCD) and Star Plastic Pants as their secret weapon against sleep wetting!  This is your free gift with the purchase of this month's Discount Code that saves you 10% off all RCD, Star Plastic Pants, Boosters, T-Shirts and even the Blanket Buddy. 

Shark Week Video Documentary

by Customer Care on 01/23/14

Since most of the country is in the throes of winter, we thought it would be fun to remember warmer and sunnier days.  Last August we featured Cole modeling the Star All-White youth diaper to coincide with the Discovery channel Shark Week.  This month we are offering a 7 minute video on the making of this special edition catalog.  It is free for customers who wish to renew their three month membership helping to save 10% off all merchandise.

You can also receive the video documentary with the purchase a 40 Pack of Boy's X-Large or 40 Pack of 2X-Large RCD and 1 pair of Star Plastic Pants.  Just type Shark Video in the comment box when checking out.  To view the 30 second trailer, click here.


2014 New Year Special

by Customer Care on 01/01/14

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  If you have not already noticed, we have updated our home page as well as posted the first Bed Wetter's News Letter for 2014. 

If you wish to join or renew your 3 Month Discount Code, besides the 10% Discount Code, you will also receive the January 2014 PDF Catalog shown above.  TWO Video Documentaries will be sent to you as well.  One of Cole modeling this month's RCD, and a documentary from 2011 featuring Rudy and Spencer which  demonstate the unique fit and design of our exclusive brand of diapers.  Click here for further detail.

Cyber December 2013 Specials

by Customer Care on 12/02/13

Buy One Membership/PDF and Get One Free!

Just let us know what your choice is for the second PDF Catalog in the "Comment Box" when making your purchase online.  If you need further assistance please don't hesitate to call.

Due to popular demand, Cyber Monday has been extended to Cyber December.  Hurry, this special ends December 31 at Midnight.

Free Mini Catalog & Christmas Card!

We are also giving away "Mini" Christmas Catalogs. These little hard copy "spiral bound" catalogs are a quarter size of the standard size catalog and features 30 pages of Cole and Spencer modeling the Race Car Diaper/Star Plastic Pants. In addition, you might even receive a Christmas card signed by either Cole or Spencer. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is purchase a (40) Pack of X-Large or 2X-Large RCD and one pair of Star Plastic Pants and request the "Catalog/Christmas Card" in the "Comment Box". Hurry this offer also ends December 31.

If you need assistance with either one of these offers, we are happy to take your order over the phone (9 AM - 7 PM PCT). Please allow up to 24 hours for digital downloads and 3 to 5 business days on orders requiring shipping.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays...Cyber Monday Starts One Day Early!

by Customer Care on 11/30/13

Time to refresh your browser!  The first of December is here which means a new Bed Wetter's News Letter is available to be viewed and downloaded.  We are also offering a free Video Documentary and PDF catalog for those that wish to renew their 3 month membership.  Members save 10% off all our merchandise for the next 3 months!

Of course our current members will also receive the 5 1/2 minute Christmas Video Documentary and save 10% when they purchase a (40) Pack of RCD in either the X-Large or 2X-Large size.  Click Here to view the 25 second video snippet!

Click Here to purhcase the December's 2013 Membership the includes the 10% Discount Code as well as the PDF Christmas Catalog/Video.

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