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February 2016 PDF Catalog and Coupon Code

by Customer Care on 01/31/16

Thanks for everyone's comments on January's post. We are settling in at our new home at UnderCareWear.com and appreciate all the kind "Reviews" that you have shared regarding our products. Just click on the BLUE Review Tab, located on the left side of the home page and check out the comments left by our customers!

You may still purchase on this website but we would prefer if you place your orders on the new site, UnderCareWear.

Cole is modeling the All White Star Diaper for February.  Frigid nights sums up February making it the perfect time for pajamas that feature footies for maximum warmth.  Appropriately enough, these zip-up pj's have the space shuttle print along with some of our solor system planets on it. Just like the space shuttle crew before blast-off, Cole wears his Star Diapers under his suit just like real astronauts!

Just a quick note about the zip-up pj's, they can be purchased every year in the boy's sleepwear department store at Target from boy's size x-small (4-6) to large (18-20).

We want to give away this special 42 page PDF this month. All that is required is to purchase a (40) Pack of X-Large RCD and one pair of Star plastic pants, or (40) Pack of 2X-Large RCD and one pair of Star plastic pants or 2 Star Training Pants and one pair of plastic pants. Just type in SpaceCole in the comment box when checking out.

The other optionis to purchase February 2016 Discount Code. You will receive within 24 hours a coupon code that saves you 10% off all merchandise at either website for 3 entire months. Along with your coupon code, we will also include the 42 page PDF catalog and send it to your email address provided.

Come Join Us At UnderCareWear.Com

by Customer Care on 01/05/16



Happy New Year! Please join us at our new site UnderCareWear.Com

We offer the same products as QualityDiapers.Net and the new platform for the web site makes it easier to navigate.  The shopping cart is updated as well making it simpler adding a more modern touch to the checkout process.

Purchase a (40) Pack of X-Large or (40) Pack of 2X-Large RCD and receive January 2016 30 Page PDF Catalog featuring Rudy for free.  As  a new year gift, you may also select any past PDF catalog from the QualityDiapers.Net Archive. Receive your two PDF catalogs by typing "RudyPlusOne" when checking out. You may also send us an email after your purchase and will make sure you receive both within 24 hours to your email address that you provide.

You might have noticed that we are more focused on the new site than this one that you are on. We apologize but it takes a lot of time to build a new site from scratch which is why we have not payed attention to this site or blog since November.

The Bed Wetter's News Letter has also come to an end for the time being.  We honestly believe that with 50 articles written, every topic has been covered. If something new is developed or discovered, we will then create a special edition news letter.

We still offer a 10% Coupon Code that is valid on both sites. You can always purchase any past or current coupon code (January 2016 Coupon/PDF) and receive a 3 month discount off all products offered!

Thanks for everyone support and we look forward to serving you soon.

Update: Unfortunately we will be taking down most of the social media sites associated with UnderCareWear (Facebook, Google+ Instagram). We cannot find any way to moderate or review other comments deemed innapropriate.

However, we will start up a new blog on UnderCareWear that can be moderated that will replace this current blog.


Free November 2015 PDF Catalog

by Customer Care on 11/05/15

This month's Bed Wetter's News Letter can be viewed by going to UnderCareWear.Com.  While visiting, please check out the rest of the site and let us know your thoughts.

We are running a special this month on both web sites.  Order any (40) Pack of X-Large or 2X-Large RCD diapers and you'll receieve November 2015 PDF catalog as a free gift.

When you placed your order on either web site, just let us know in a comment box that you want this month PDF included with your order.

A New Web Site Sale...UnderCareWear

by Customer Care on 10/11/15

To better enhance the shopping experience for our customers, we're proud to introduce a new domain called www.UnderCareWear.com

Not all, but much of the content has been transfered to the new site which offers a slick new interface, better social media (Instgram, Google+ and Facebook) links and improved shopping carts when checking-out. 

It is still in early development, however UnderCareWear is fully functionable and we think you'll agree it is amazing!  You'll notice that we combined the entire Bed Wetter's News Letters into one collection that looks incredible when viewing on a desktop or laptop computer.  The rest of the site (not including the Bed Wetter's Newsletter) is mobile friendly at much easier to navigate than the current site.

We are offering a Columbus Day Special and it is a good one!

Buy a 3 Month Membership and a 10 pack of Race Car Diapers (X-Large or 2X-Large) on the new site and we will include 2 Free PDF's from the past as a free gift

Just let us know which two PDF's you would like in the comment box when checking out. 

Hope everyone enjoys the new site and we look forward to your comments either here or on the news site.

Don't forget to follow us on social media.  You will see the links to them on the new site.

Star Diapers Are Back!

by Customer Care on 08/31/15

We are excited to announce that we have a limited number of the original plastic backed Star Diapers.  They are available in (10) Packs and include a 4 page brochure, a 3 month 10% Coupon Code and the September 2011 PDF catalog. 

You can only purchase them through this link as they are not directly available from the web site. 

Limited Star Diaper Special

Because of the Star Diaper special, September 2015 PDF catalog features Scotty modeling the Star Diaper.  This catalog come free with the purchase of September 2015 3 Month coupon code.  The coupon codes saves you 10% off Diapers, Training Pants, Plastic Pants, T-Shirts and the Blanket Buddy.

Be sure to check out this month Bed Wetter's Newsletter.  It can be viewed online or downloaded as a free PDF to your computer.



Hot Summer Time Special

by Customer Care on 07/31/15

We our officially starting our 5th year in business!  Every month we have provided a free downloadable newsletter and August 2015 is no different.  The Star Trainers have been a huge success but we're constantly getting questions on the absorbency.  The August 2015 Bed Wetter's News Letter does an excellent job of comparing sizing to absorbency.  Check it out by clicking here.

This weekend only, we are offering a "Buy One Star Trainer and Get One Star Trainer for free!  (This offer only applies to the WHITE Star Training Pants).  There is no mention about this on the web site so please make sure you type in "Free Star Trainer" in the comment box when checking out.  You of course may always call us if you have any questions or concerns while ordering.

We are also offering with this month's membership the August 2015 PDF 40 page catalog plus one extra PDF or Video from the Archive.  Once again, just type in the comment box which PDF or Video you would like for free.  Once you have purchased the 3 month membership, we will send the 10% coupon code along with the PDF catalogs.

Hot Summer Time Specials continue for those that purchase a (40) Pack of RCD's with one pair of Star Plastic Pants (or Star Trainer).  Just mention you want August 2015 PDF catalog and we will be happy to include it with your order.

That's it for now, but remember the Buy One Star Trainer and Get One Star Trainer only last through this weekend.

4th of July Special

by Customer Care on 06/30/15

Kids love the 4th of July and it's almost here again.  We our celebrating our nation's indepedance by offering this months 32 page PDF catalog and 3 minute video documentary as a free gift with any purchase of a Boy's (40) Pack of X-Large or (40) Pack of  2X-Large RCD plus one pair of Star plastic pants.  All you have to do during the check-out process is to ask for it in the comment box. 

Purchase this month's membership and the July's PDF/Bonus Video will be sent to you Free!  Membership includes a 10% Coupon Code that can be used to save 10% on RCD Diapers, Star Plastic Pants, Star Training Pants as well as T-Shirts and the Blanket Buddy for 90 days.

Don't forget to check out this month's free newsletter by clicking here.  It go over some important truths and myths about bedwetting.

We look forward to serving you soon and Happy Fourth!

YouTube Winner!

by Customer Care on 05/13/15

A few months ago we mentioned to our newsletter subscribers that if you upload a YouTube testimonial on our new Star Training Pants, we would send you a free Star Trainer if we liked it enough to link it from our website to YouTube.

Click link to view Our first winner

If you think you have what it takes to make a compelling video on our new Star Training Pants or RCD's, then go for it.  If you send us the link when you are finished and we jump for joy on the quality of your video, we will you send you a free (20) pack of RCD's or a Star Training Pant.

In the meantime, everyone is a winner because you can save 20% off all Star Training Pants.  Just type "winner" (without the quotes) in the discount box when checking out.  Don't wait as this sale will end soon.

Its been a long time....

by Customer Care on 04/30/15

Hi everyone, April was a difficult month with taxes and other business issues.  Therefore its been a long time since I last made a post.  I do appreciate everyone that did respond to past post and look forward to your comments in May. 

We did have a great newsletter in April that disscussed Autism and bedwetting.  May's Bed Wetter's Newsletter talks about hospital and diapers, so I look forward to everyones responses.

To kick of May, I believe we should do something special.  Therefore with any purchase of Boy's X-Large or Boy's 2X-Large 40 Pack of RCD and the purchase of (1) pair of Star Plastic Pants, Quality Diapers will include May 2014 PDF Catalog and Video Documentary for free!  Both the PDF Catalog and Video Documentary will be downloaded to the email that you provide.  Just type in May Special with your order of (40) Pack of either Boy's X-Large or 2X-Large RCD and Plastic Pants in the message or comment box when checking out.

(We have a great inventory in both these sizes now and look forward to fullfilling orders with no delays)

Another option is to purchase the May 2015 Membership and you will receive this month's PDF catalog/bonus video and get a 3 Month 10% Coupon Code that can be used on all products (RCD Diapers, Star Plastic Pants, Star Trainers, Blanket Buddy or RCD t-shirts.

Look forward to serving you soon!

Star Training Pants Commercial

by Customer Care on 03/14/15

Check out our new Star Training Pants commercial on YouTube! He is also the same boy that is shown with his mom and dad on our Customer Care page.

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