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Quality Disposable Briefs for
Bigger Kids and Teens
Can you tell I'm wearing a diaper?
In order to market our exclusive diapers effectively and to help customers understand how well these all new disposable briefs designed to for bigger boys and younger teens, we hired professional young models such as Spencer to show how comfortable and fashionable protection can look.

It's come to our attention from our blog followers that there is an interest in seeing how our Diapers look in the real world.  Despite the fearless and brave attitude that these confident boys demonstrate, many folks want to know how diapers and plastic pants would look hidden under evening clothes such as pajamas. 

In the main window to the left, 12 year old Spencer is wearing his warm winter pajamas.  If you run your mouse over the photo, you'll discover as he pulls his PJs bottom down what he is wearing secretly underneath.
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