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Bed Wetter's News Letter
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The Bed Wetter's News Letter is a monthly news letter discussing all the truths and myths about bedwetting and ways that it can be managed. Check out pass issue below by clicking on individual newsletter. (Click on December 2011 PDF to view as PDF)
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Focus on the problem: bedwetting.
Avoid blaming or punishing your child. Remember, your child cannot control the bedwetting, and blaming and punishing just make the problem worse.
Go to the bathroom before bedtime.
This may seem obvious but just as a reminder: Some kids go when they go to brush their teeth and then again, a second time, afterwards. Some kids sit down and take their time. Don’t rush.

Make sure there is easy access to the toilet.
Clear the path from your bed to the toilet and maybe a night-light would help.

Set a goal for yourself of getting up at night to use the toilet.
Instead of focusing on making it through the night dry, it is OK to get up in the middle of the night to go. Lots of adults do that.

Consider using diapers at night.
Use a good diaper, like the Star Diaper. Until the body allows you to sleep without wetting, it is important that you can wake up in a dry bed. If you do not get a good night’s sleep because you are cold and wet, you will not be as cheery and as sharp during the day.
First, Scotty, Spencer, Rudy, and other models that will appear in the coming months, as well as the Staff of Quality Diapers, wish you all a very joyous Holiday.

The holiday period can be trying for kids who wet their beds. The family may be traveling, or may have guests either visiting or staying over, and the last thing a kid or adult wants to worry about is a wet bed and extra laundry.
There are things that can be done to reduce the problem and make waking up over the holidays more enjoyable for all.

Our fondest wish is for each kid or teen to wake up on Christmas Day or other special holiday, feeling dry and in a nice, warm, dry bed.

Preventing Bedwetting
Here are a number of steps to help reduce the number of bedwetting accidents. There are some things you can do.

Reduce evening fluid intake.
Don’t drink within 2 hours of bedtime. Avoid sugary drinks and drinks with caffeine even before that.
Be patient and supportive.
Reassure and encourage your child often. Do not make an issue out the bedwetting each time it happens.

Enforce a "no teasing" rule.
No one is allowed to tease the child about the bedwetting, including those outside the immediate family.Do not discuss the bedwetting in front of other family members.

Encourage responsibility.
Help your child understand that the responsibility for being dry is his or hers and not that of the parents alone. Reassure him that you want to help him overcome the problem. But do have him help in the clean-up process.
The Holidays should be fun for all but everyone needs to help a little to make that happen..
Parents ideas for coping with Bedwetting
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